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Also, there's the "Search Engine Marketing" (SEM)...



A prospective customer or future program member does a simple search online for a "work at home" opportunity (or any target keyword).


When the results load, some of them will belong to us and some to JV Partners in our Network.


The prospect clicks and visits the recommended web page(s) and once they're finished and make their exit from the site, "BINGO!" - YOUR WEBSITE IS LOADED!!!!


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Biz Op Leads


Ad Packages Include:  

checkmark5Solo Ads sent to OUR LIST of up to 25 MILLION PROSPECTS!  
checkmark5Contact Solos sent to 125 - 500 co-reg jv lists up to 475,000+ readers!
checkmark5The Entrepreneur's Network Co-Reg Blast -> Double optin!   

checkmark5250 - 1,000 Redirected Guaranteed Website Visitors!   

checkmark5250 - 1,000 (30-Second) Guaranteed Website Visitors!   
checkmark5 new_yellowDaily Co-Op Viral Ad Blast 1,000+   "Exclusive"  Prospects Daily!   


 We'll design your Ad(s) and send it to our subscriber database of well over 25-Million Opt-In Prospects!  This is our private in-house list that's taken us more than 18+ years to build!  We build your ad in both full html and text to push a greater, more constant flow of visitors to your website.  We can design the Ad for you, or use your own ad copy. 


 Contact Solo Ad sent to up to 475 Safelists! - This serves up to 500,000 opt-in CONTACT email addresses - members' primary email addresses, NOT their junk email account.  With our system ALL emails will be sent to users' PRIMARY address, which means your ad gets READ!


newEntrepreneur Network Blast & Brand New FREE Bonus for You! We have more than a dozen specialty groups comprised of OPT-IN Entrepreneurs, each of whom are always in search of worthwhile opportunities. We'll make sure they ALL see what YOU're offering.


 Up to 1,000 Guaranteed Re-directed website visitors! We plug  your site into our MASSIVE Network of contributing traffic sources and divert our traffic to YOUR web site.  


 You'll also get 250 - 1,000 (30 second) Guaranteed Visitors who are literally paid to view your web site. They must stay on your site for at least 30 seconds or we won't count it as a hit! Why is this good traffic?  These prospects are paid a few pennies to read about how your site can earn them Thousands.  Compelling! 


Plus, every visitor has a confirmed Credit Card & Bank Account.  Knowing that up front saves YOU from wasting money and precious time you can NEVER get back chasing folks who don't have the discretionary cash to join.


newDaily Ad Blast!  This marketing gem alone could be worth $1,000's in profit for your business! - We collect 375 double opt-in prospects which are exclusively for you.  NO other member will mail to this list.


 We then send these red-hot prospects compelling messages DAY after DAY for point 100 days! Once they decide to visit your website, hopefully they'll be hooked!  This is about as thorough as you can work a prospect - 100% spam-free!  Each message has a remove link. (most will NOT leave!)


 We send your ad up to 25 MILLION laser-targeted prospects. (100) individual sends of 250,000 each. PLUS 2 follow-up blasts per week for 5 weeks.  This is our "in house" list that took 18 years to build with new prospects every day! 


 We design your ad in both Full Color (with images) and plain text to maximize delivery.  *If you prefer us to use your own copy that's ok too.


Free Bonus Re-Sends Too! 
Our state of the art software "monitors and tracks" all open activity on your campaign. We'll resend it at no charge to ALL those prospects!  Whether you know it or not, "the fortune's in the follow-up!"